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Cegura values building and maintaining strong client relationships through transparent communication, collaboration, and service excellence. The strategic goals of every single client in our Dedicated Model are unique, and therefore focused on at an individual level. Aligning strategies between us and our clients are important to collectively achieve high quality levels which are maintained and optimized through continual collaboration.

Cegura assembles a strong foundation for your account, routinely measuring and reporting on operations to illustrate your quality performance levels. Updates and optimizing opportunities are handled in a timely manner, through the support of the Account Manager you build your partnership with.

  • New Client Implementation Manager
  • Designated Service Delivery Manager
  • Quality Calibration Meetings

New Client Implementation Manager

During the initial launch of your account you are assigned a Dedicated Implementation Manager who specializes in project management. He/She will ensure the successful launch of your program by coordinating all the key stakeholders (from HR, to IT, to Workforce Management) so that tasks are completed in a timely manner. The Implementation Manager works closely with your designated Service Delivery Manager, who will act as the key account manager during the life of your account.

Designated Service Delivery Manager

During new account implementation and once live, you will have a designated Service Delivery Manager as your single point of contact throughout the life of your account. He/She is responsible for the performance of your program, providing leadership and accountability to Team Leaders and call center agents to ensure goals, performance objectives and standards are met and accurately communicated to everyone involved.

At the Service Delivery Manager's aid is the use of computerized systems for reporting, tracking, research of information, and troubleshooting to enhance quality and efficiency. He/She will also handle non-routine situations that may require adaptation of the response or extensive research to resolve. Any specific inquiries can be directed to your Service Delivery Manager, as he/she is responsible for providing information and meeting KPIs according to your expectations.

Quality Calibration Meetings

Prior to and during the launch of your service, the Service Delivery Manager will hold weekly calibration and account status meetings to deal with all issues relating to the quality assurance of your account. Call/live chat/email projections, account changes and account issues are discussed in this meeting, the attendance of which will include your project related managers and IT representatives involved with the setup, along with any other representatives from Cegura and your company as required. In addition, all attendees will together listen to calls/review transcripts and perform quality checks. Differing opinions will be discussed and quality assurance standards are calibrated, ensuring both parties share the same views and expectations on quality. Meetings will move to monthly as comfort levels with the program increase.

In addition, your Service Delivery Manager will on a daily basis review all reports, including service levels and quality assurance; reporting any issues with a root-cause analysis and action plan to optimize the situation.

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