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The most effective form of communication is the one held in person. There is nothing more powerful and effective than a face-to-face meeting to close an important sales deal with a prospective customer. However, time is a crucial factor for a sales executive and the sales executives of your organization cannot meet all your prospective customers.

If your company is facing a similar situation, consider investing in offshore B2B/B2C appointment setting services. Effective appointment scheduling can ensure that your sales executives get to meet only the best out of the entire lot of prospective customers. Outsource appointment setting services to Cegura to get in front of your prospects and gain their undivided attention.

We can make certain that the appointments we set are completely qualified opportunities, before reserving your valuable time from your busy schedules. If a prospect is not yet sales-ready we will continue to cultivate it until an appointment is suitable.

Cegura's offshore appointment setting services

  • Technology sales
  • B2B appointment setting
  • Healthcare leads
  • Data collection and cleansing
  • Telemarketing scripts and telemarketing lists
  • Event registrations
  • Conference registration programs
  • Executive appointment setting services
  • B2B appointment scheduling for web conferences or demos

Give your business a competitive edge

  • Cegura's appointment setting services provides organizations with a competent sales channel thereby creating appointments and leads
  • Our B2B appointment setting team is trained to introduce a product and/or service in a proficient manner thereby converting customers into new sales leads
  • All the data regarding appointments and leads are generated accurately and constantly updated
  • We can enter your appointments into your online appointment calendar or email/fax you on a daily basis. We offer several integration options for retrieving and updating schedules
  • We can provide you with real-time deliveries of appointments and leads – you will receive emails alerting you of your appointments within minutes of Cegura's representatives ending the conversation with your prospects
  • Our streamlined online contact management system allows you to access and manage your appointments – anywhere, anytime
  • A daily report is sent of leads including a return file of leads and appointments
  • Cegura's knowledgeable online appointment scheduling team analyzes trends, offers feedback and monitors the program results
  • • The salient features of Cegura's appointment scheduling services includes: Advanced outbound telemarketing systems and dialing solutions; digital recording and 100% quality control appointment verification; remote monitoring of live calls from home or office; and full statistical reporting of appointments and leads

Why Cegura

  • Cegura combines experienced appointment setters with up-to-date, advanced technology and a foolproof quality control program, providing the best possible opportunities for your sales team
  • Our online appointment scheduling services guarantee the lowest cost per sale with the highest sales conversions
  • All our offshore B2B/B2C appointment setting services are extremely cost-effective, at the same time maintain excellent quality
  • The appointments are verified through stringent quality assurance measures to ensure that we provide high quality online appointment scheduling services to customers
  • At Cegura we offer customized appointment setting services as per the specifications stated. Our appointment scheduling services can be availed by a wide range of businesses.

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