Bespoke Solutions

Combine services to maximize revenue

Cegura can help you generate more focused activity with high rates of return. You can have new or tenured account managers increase their number of conversations with valid prospects and quickly build sales momentum. With an outsourced model, you gain the flexibility to scale up a program, switch territories, or focus on new products at will. By combining our offerings, your team can focus on the right prospects at the right time to capture mindshare and revenue.

Cegura uniquely provides a full range of services which enables you to engage with a single provider to support your sales efforts. We provide the solutions you need to ensure your sales team has both the information and resources needed to close more business.

Our solutions include:

  • Prospect Nurturing
  • New Market Penetration
  • Maintenance Sales
  • Hidden Opportunity Sales Program
  • Custom Solution

Prospect Nurturing

Use a telephone based nurturing program to build mindshare, establish your company as a thought leader, and ensure you create a competitive advantage for your sales team. From the point that marketing identifies a lead to final conversion there are numerous hand offs that could result in lost opportunity. But activity that does not result in sales is wasted effort.

Cegura can follow up on all marketing leads, provide information, gauge interest levels, identify propensity to purchase and qualify leads into possible prospects. Cegura will book meetings with hot leads for your internal team, and continue to nurture a relationship with warm prospects using timely live telephone contact and personal emails to communication new information. When the time is right, Cegura books meetings with prospects. By using a personal touch, a Prospect Nurturing program results in a higher lead to close ratio.

New Market Penetration

Cegura can help you grow revenue by focusing efforts on new markets, whether this be a new vertical focus, a new geographical region or up selling a new product. Rather than incurring the expense of hiring an internal team to move into a new market, let us help you get traction quickly with no overhead costs.

Our talented inside sales teams will work closely with you to develop a successful inside sales program. We start by analyzing your past closed deals to identify the account profiles that represent your best opportunity. Then we leverage our broad set of services to help build pipeline in your new market. A complete New Market Penetration program can include any of the following:

  • Identifying and profiling target accounts
  • Building out a custom contact list
  • Surveying to detail the account status and identify hidden opportunities
  • Setting appointments for your field sales team

Maintenance Sales

Cegura can handle your entire maintenance sales function or can step in to help you close difficult contract opportunities. In addition to providing timely support contract renewals, Cegura's maintenance renewal services also help identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. By working with Cegura you can increase your renewal rate and improve margins by limiting license discounting. We have skilled and trained staff readily available so we can roll out a program quickly. You can use the services on an as needed basis and scale up or down month over month.

Hidden Opportunity Sales Programs

Your field sales organization is focused on your largest customers, and rightly so. You need to keep expensive sales resources focused on large deals. But you may be missing revenue from other sources that the field sales team simply does not have the bandwidth to pursue. Cegura can supplement your internal sales team and focus on opportunities that may be hidden, such as selling add-ons to your recent customers. We also excel at selling renewals of subscriptions or increase in subscriptions. These can be done at very low costs allowing you to get additional revenue from customers that would have been ignored due to the value of the transaction versus the cost of sales.

For example, Cegura can quickly scale a sales team to focus on high margin, low ticket items that your sales force may ignore. Or we can build a team to focus on small customers that are not on the radar of your internal sales team. Either of these solutions can help you realize more revenue at a low cost. As we discuss your unique needs, our experienced team can help you identify other sources of hidden revenue that you may have not considered.

Custom Sales Solutions

Cegura provides a full range of services and can design a custom solution for you based on your unique business requirements. We are the vendor of choice for many of the world's largest high tech companies, and have also helped many start-ups accelerate revenue with low overhead. We can design a solution for any size company. Please contact us to discuss your unique sales needs and receive a quote.

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