CEGURA offers fun and cool atmosphere where employees dedicate themselves and produce better output encouraging both enjoyment and success.

Competitive environment

The constant flow of communication and overall team effort assists in delivering desired results and our work infrastructure is equipped with all modern facilities. Our employees are provided effective training before being placed to work and our contact centre has constantly aimed towards producing desired results.

Collective work infrastructure

To instill a sense of belonging and oneness in our employees, we regularly conduct various events and extracurricular activities to motivate our employees. We have included it in our regular routine and we do this so as to ensure our employees never get exhausted or bored from their tireless work schedule.

Extracurricular activities

Here are the glimpses of some of our recent and past activities:

  • Regular charity events for different foundations to raise funds and contribute towards society.
  • Holiday parties and picnic to boost employees’ morale and enhance their working capacity.
  • All prominent festivals such as Holi, Diwali are celebrated in full mood.
  • Extracurricular activities such as Football, Cricket and various other sports.
  • Fun contests and parties such as fancy dress competition.

Career openings

At CEGURA, we are on the constant lookout for skilled and motivated people who can add value to our organization. Keep looking at the current openings and if you want to know more mail us with your resume at:-

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