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The technology stand on its own? The combination of certified agents and proactive program management provides the right context to drive results. CEGURA has proven experience in creating a proactive culture of customer engagement that optimizes the ROI behind your live chat technology.

We’re different than the rest and here are some of the ways we do it.

  • Certified Chat Agents
  • Program Management

Certified Chat Agents

Unique Chat Agent Profile
A unique and customized chat agent profile is created based on technical and communication necessities, while incorporating business/industry specific needs.
Strategic Recruitment and Selection
Targeted recruiting specific to the chat agent profile is performed using specific ads strategically distributed through relevant channels. Candidate selection includes extensive testing and unique surveys to align skills and cultural alignment.
Chat Certification
All chat agents must be chat certified. Candidates selected are put through a training program that establishes technical and online communication expertise. At the end of the program, candidates achieve chat certification, optimizing the benefits of the technology couple with effective online communication tactics.

Program Management

Complete Team of Specialists
Chat agents are surrounded by a complete group of specialists, enabling maximum support to achieve high quality and success. Functional roles within our chat program management include- Data Specialist, Service Delivery managers, Team Leaders, Quality assurance, Sales Coaches, Sales Optimization Managers
Reporting and Intelligence
Client KPI’s, program goals and overall quality are monitored through extensive reporting, providing insight on how to most accurately make internal adjustments in real time through regular joint calibration sessions. Valuable customer intelligence is also gathered through VOC feedback and trending keyword analysis.
Labour Staffing and development
Understanding the program goals, staffing levels are managed effectively to balance the service quality and cost, to provide maximum ROI. Chat agents are stack ranked for performance and continually coached using interactive real-time methods.
Technology Optimization
Live Chat technology is optimized through specially trained labor with chat expertise, who take advantage of the features and benefits it offers. Chat agents selectively use canned responses to assist in servicing concurrent online communications.

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