Direct Response

Media buys can be the largest part of a campaign budget, and success in achieving sales results is critical to our client’s ROI. CEGURA delivers a 24×7×365 Direct Response Solution that is flexible and capable of handling large call spikes throughout the day, meeting the on-demand needs of our clients.

Using a combination of our Semi-Dedicated agent pool with overflow to our Shared agents across multiple sites, our group is equipped to handle call spikes and soft-sell offerings from targeted media buys. Our routing technology, flexible scheduling system and proven experience alleviate issues commonly associated with traditional direct marketing campaigns serviced elsewhere; including fewer lost sales from busy signals and dropped calls.

Direct Response Solution Benefits:

  • Increased sales conversions and order sizes, while taking advantage of greater cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Cost-effective staffing and scheduling solution providing necessary flexibility and scalability
  • Scripting consultation to optimize the sales results of each potential buyer
  • Effective call flow monitoring and management to ensure every call is captured and resolved

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