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Any Finance & Accounting professional has a set of primary concerns – optimizing expenditure, lowering costs and getting the maximum benefit for the expense made. As the Head of Finance for your organization, this sentiment of optimizing expenses may also be significant and possibly a mandate for you internally. Transformational Finance & Accounting Solutions are the order of the day. With our F&A solutions, you can reduce overall cost, optimize the use of resources and technology for your benefit, manage & monitor cash inflow and outflow in the best manner possible and also adhere to the necessary compliance while you do this.

Whether you need to streamline, optimize or transform your organizations Finance & Accounting function, you need access to world class processes and technology in the perfect blend to achieve this goal. Our Finance & Accounting services methodology (FAOq) can, not only help in identifying gaps in your current process, but also ensure a smooth and risk-free transformation. To get better insights into your processes we leverage Analytics giving you a holistic yet deep view of the health of you processes and fosters decision making. For your benefit, we use well defined operational metrics like productivity, turn-around-time and accuracy that keep you in control. You also have access to a 24x7 Helpdesk that makes certain that you have complete and comprehensive support.

Our experience in handling several large to mid-sized companies across industries gives us a deep domain expertise. Our agents currently process over a million transactions annually with service requests from over 4 countries including over 7000 Accounts Payable (AP) vendors. You can pick from SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft or a home-grown technology solution for your requirements.

Our Financial Planning & Analysis solution affords deeper insights for Budgeting & Forecasting by leveraging MIS & Analysis like Spend Analysis, Profit recovery, GL Analytics and Custom Analytics.

Primarily for Professional Firms, our proprietary Travel and Expense management application provides a seamless and integrated input to the existing Finance package. With systematized allocation and assigning, the tool ensures you reduce costs while maintaining a well defined system of maintaining and managing expenses.

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