Inquiry Handling

Inquiry handling is the most basic of inbound call center services. The inbound call center acts as an information center for answering all kinds of queries of the customers. All that the customers need to know about the products and services are available from these information centers. The clients benefit from inquiry handling by being able to double check the information’s delivery to the customer and later classify the information based on the attributes of the customer and desired segmentation.

Inquiry Handling is done through:

  1. Telephone Response
  2. Email Response
  3. Website Response
  4. Managing Information Requests
  5. Multiple language Voice Response
  6. Dealer, Agent or Distributor Locator.

Cegura has well-trained personnel to look after all aspects of inquiry handling. The state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for telephone, email or website response is used by our talented professionals who have gone through innovative and rigorous training programs to deal with any inquiry of the customers.

We specialize in customer relationship management and the inquiries handled by us help in arranging and organizing of the data gathered. It gives very good insight into the buying trends of the customers. Our clients benefit significantly as they are able to intelligently tweak or mould their products and services to suit the current buying pattern and behaviour of their customers. Such a service offered on a 24x7 can prove to be a very significant factor in improving the ROI of the organization.

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