Quality Assurance

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the call center industry. Being a major contributor to business growth, it is very important that customer service is of the highest quality. At Cegura Solutions, we help you provide the best customer service to your customers through our call center Quality Assurance (QA) services. Our QA standards are well above the industry average and speak volumes of our commitment and focus on customer satisfaction. Our employees are highly motivated, dedicated professionals who treat each customer with utmost courtesy and maintain the highest of quality standards.

Call Center Quality– how good are we?

At Cegura Technology Solutions, we believe in quality as a way of life.
  • Our strict adherence to the Six Sigma methodology has consistently boosted our productivity levels and quality of performance.
  • We act on feedback from customers to increase quality levels and keep processes running according to our partner’s precise requirements.
  • Our call center recruitment, training and induction procedures ensure that all new recruits perform at pre-determined levels of productivity and efficiency.
Quality Monitoring Procedures
We have developed our call center quality monitoring and management systems after years of research and analysis of call center processes. Our call center quality monitoring procedures cover all areas of call center quality assurance and we aim for improvements at every stage of the process. We replace the commonly-observed hierarchy system with a set of standardized specifications, so that each team, performing specific tasks, works independently and contributes to the company as a whole. High quality standards and success rates are achieved with our well-designed and structured process flow. Read more about our Call Center Process Flow
At Cegura Technology Solutions, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure that gives us an edge over our competitors. Here’s what sets us apart:
  • Scalable distributed technology architecture
  • Multiple levels of redundancy to ensure continuous access and data transfer
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) to check all calls for quality
  • Witness software allows you to track performance down to an agent level, measure supervisors and centres
  • 100% complete end-to-end recording of all calls for analysis and research. Read more about our 100% Recording policy.
Transparency and Feedback
Complete visibility and access to our performance records speaks volumes of our customer-centric approach and focus on service of the highest quality.
  • We provide access to our database
  • We provide detailed analysis reports
  • We provide access to data tagged with the call for analysis
  • You can listen in on any call
  • You can even train our agents!

Raise your call center quality standards with Cegura!

Cegura Solutions sets the benchmark for call center quality standards. Our call center quality monitoring services have resulted in significant growth in our customers’ businesses. To learn more about call center Quality Assurance at work, read some of our Call Center Case Studies.

At Cegura, we believe in providing high-quality services. We have a professional data quality management team who evaluates the quality control processes, which are based on the customer’s requirements. The quality team communicates the daily quality results to the customers by using dashboards. Regular reviews are conducted based on parameters, such as, Productivity, Critical Performance Measures, Overall process capability / Improvements, Hiring and Training. The CPM’s (Customer Critical Performance Measures) parameters are based on the customer’s measure of success. Cegura also ensures that there are daily, weekly or monthly reviews of the process. Read about our call center quality assurance.

Quality Check
Cegura’s agents are first tested on their speed and accuracy in processing information which is based on pre-determined CTQ (Critical to Quality) fields. Cegura’s performance monitoring report will then highlight the areas of opportunity, with recommendations to improve. Then the errors or defects which are frequent will be documented and eliminated. Contact us for high-quality data entry services.
Cegura conducts a regular calibration to make certain that there is no deviation in the quality parameters. The documents which are processed by our agents will be rated by our Quality Assurance team and then sent for a separate rating to our customers. These different findings will be compared. This ongoing process will continue until the ratings of our QA team and the customer are equal each other.
The floor level at Cegura will be fixed on the basis of our customers’ requirements. The new agents of Cegura will have to successfully perform at a specified floor level, before they can start the production for certification.
Cegura’s feedback mechanism is a vital part the quality process. We follow a well-planned process which takes into account the inputs, queries and problems of the customer. Our data entry quality process also ensures that the feedback is provided throughout the life cycle of the project. An agent, team leader and the person who deals with the floor performance will communicate the right feedback to the agents
The data entry quality team works intimately with the training department to help identify and provide training to entry-level agents. The quality team also ensures that opportunities are increased for the agents already on the floor. At Cegura, we ensure that training is consistently delivered throughout the life cycle of the project.
Our reporting plan includes daily, weekly and monthly reports based on the accuracy and speed level. These reports are customized according to the customer’s explicit needs. The data entry quality team regularly sends the agent’s performance trends to the customer, thereby keeping the customer informed.

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