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Engaged Customer service is the order of the day. Service level benchmarks are going up and so is the Customers expectation. So the easiest way to beat competition should be to keep your customers happy. So how do you get there, and quickly? You increase your reach and connectivity to your customer, improve response & in some cases, turn-around time and hope that the formula works.

Well, what works is a motivated, engaged and vibrant team to support you front line sales and marketing staff. Supporting the Sales & Marketing function across multiple geographies and languages, we provide a 24x7 customer support and customized staffing solution to address fluctuating volumes.

Get a seamless and integrated visibility of your outreach and customer support process by using our Sales & Marketing Solutions. Starting with managing Marketing Data for superior Marketing operations, to running Outbound calling campaigns, to manning Customer Service helpdesks, our teams work as an extension of your existing Sales & Marketing teams to improve your Customer experience.

You have access to a web-based portal for real time updates across all shifts to monitor and track your sales & marketing processes. Methodologies like ‘Six-Sigma’ and ‘Lean’ enhance the productivity and quality of your processes. Customized technology enablers and automation tools reduce manual intervention, improve process efficiency and quicken turn-around time.

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