Work Force Management

CEGURA effectively balances workforce management (WFM) within our contact centers to ensure optimal agent staffing levels that maintain high quality while minimizing costs. Our Workforce Managers understand every single client account, and allocate the necessary resources for the specified work required.

For each unique case at CEGURA, expected workloads are accurately forecasted on a day-to-day and even minute-by-minute basis. If a call center cannot anticipate call volume to a specific level, then over and under staffing will occur. This results in either additional cost to the company due to extra staffing, or inferior service due to understaffing, translating into customer dissatisfaction. When choosing an outsourcing partner it is important that your contact center can manage scheduling to a specific level of detail, while simultaneously balancing your support costs and your customers’ experience.

CEGURA understands the sensitive nature of contact center scheduling and employs detailed WFM practice methodologies and advanced WFM technology to achieve required agent occupancy rates and consistent levels of customer service, while simultaneously controlling costs.

Contaque® eWorkforce Management™

CEGURA has partnered with leading technology provider Contaque Software Company solely focused on the contact center, for their Contaque® eWorkforce Management™ tool. Contaque eWorkforce Management™ is the most powerful, comprehensive solution on the market for automating the complex tasks of forecasting, scheduling, and tracking contact center work load.

Highlights of WFM Technology:

  • Accurately forecast staffing requirements
  • Adjust schedules to meet specified call/live chat/email volumes
  • Provide management and agent productivity reports
  • Monitor agent activity and provide support in real-time to identify training and coaching needs
  • Provide agents with up-to-date, readily accessible performance data and feedback
  • Perform “what-if” scenarios to optimize the allocation of resources and proactively identify key areas of opportunity

By implementing this leading solution, CEGURA is able to fine-tune agent performance to increase productivity, empower agents to reduce turnover, and simplify operations to reduce costs. Through this partnership, CEGURA has better insight into overall account performance, facilitating greater business goal alignment which translates back to more consistent service for our client and their customers.

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